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The Money Tree Robot Review: Is it Wise to Hand Your Trading Over to This EA?

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The Money Tree Robot is a Forex robot that trades on multiple currency pairs. So far, it has reportedly produced approximately 100%+ profit monthly on the vendor’s live account. The robot holds a trade for 5 hours max and uses stop loss orders to protect your trading positions. Let’s evaluate these claims here to see if you can trust the system with your investment. 

The Money Tree Robot company profile

LeapFX is the name of the company that sells this product. The company has been creating automated trading systems for this market since 2018. LeaPFX also offers account management services and provides recommendations on the best Forex brokers and trusted VPS hosts. Notably, the main developer behind this robot is Cory Ross, and he purports to have 12+ years of experience in this industry. We don’t know anything else about this professional. 

The highlights of the Money Tree Robot

This is what the robot offers:

  • It allows you to trade on seventeen currency pairs.
  • The robot does not apply dangerous strategies like the grid and hedging.
  • It uses a low stop loss and has low account exposure risk.
  • It is 100% automated and beginner-friendly.
  • It complies with NFA and Prop firms.
  • The system applies a combo of custom volatility filters and custom moving average filters.
  • A tight stop loss is used on trades.

When it comes to the trading strategy, the system focuses on the short-term trend when momentum is present. According to the vendor, this allows the bot to lock in profits in a matter of hours.The robot employs intelligent filters to avoid engaging in bad trades. So, it is able to trade frequently each month, though not daily. 

Facts & figures

Live trading results on Myxbook
Live trading results on Myxbook

This account was opened in February 2022, but it was last active almost a week ago. The EA might resume trading soon, given that the vendor has said it doesn’t trade daily. To date, a large profit amount of $10325.37 has been realized from an investment of $1000. So, the total gain has shot up to 1032.54%, which is remarkable. Currently, 144 people are tracking the account. 

Performance of trading parameters
Performance of trading parameters

The system has a profit factor of 3.41 from 197 completed trades. The long positions won are 91%, while 93% of the short trades have been successful. There are 1445.9 pips won, and the deducted commission amount is -$965.72. From an average win of 11.16 pips and an average loss of -38.98 pips, we can conclude that the bot has a higher likelihood of losing a trade than winning it. 

Monthly gains
Monthly gains

March was the most profitable month, with a profitability rate of 121.25%. 

Risk of ruin
Risk of ruin

The robot’s trading activities have weakened this account. 

The Money Tree Robot packages

There are two investment options available. The vendor asks that you pay $597 to use the EA for a year. The lifetime option is more expensive at $899. Features available include free updates, best recommendations, full customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


To get help with the service, you are advised to contact the team directly through the email provided on the official website. 

Other notes

Customers have not commented about the EA’s features or performance on any of the trusted sites like Myfxbook, Trustpilot, or Forex Peace Army. 

Is the Money Tree Robot a reliable system?

The live trading results prove that the robot can earn you a good income in Forex. However, we are afraid that the algorithm is innately risky and can weaken your account within a few months of trading. 

The Money Tree Robot Summary

The robot is able to generate large profit amounts, but through risky trading activities that could threaten the viability of your account. The EA is expensive, and with no customer reviews, we cannot say for sure if it is worth the cost. In addition, backtest results are missing.

Performance statistics


Reviews from customers


Ease of use


Implemented strategies




  • +High profitability rate
  • +Healthy risk/reward ratio
  • +Live trading results are present on Myfxbook


  • -No customers have reviewed the bot
  • -High risk of ruin
  • -Cost-restrictive
  • -Lack of backtest stats
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