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Kapola Trader EA Review: Is It Wise to Hand Your Trading Over to This EA?

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Kapola Trader EA works on the MetaTrader 4 platform and comes with 24/7 customer support. The seller provides all users with a 30-day money-back guarantee and states that users will have no headache while using the product. We will cover the essential details in our article to give traders with the information to help with their decision-making. 

Kapola Trader EA company profile

There is no “About Us” section on the website that reveals who is the developer of this system. So, potential customers are kept blind regarding the vendor’s profile, experience, trading record, etc. This points toward a lack of transparency, which is not appreciable. 

The highlights of Kapola Trader EA

The algorithm has the following key features:

  • It works on MT4. 
  • The developer provides 24/7 user support. 
  • The robot trades multiple currency pairs.
  • It comes with a trailing stop feature.

The developer states that the robot trades on multiple currency pairs, including EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, and NZDUSD.

From the live records on Myfxbook, we observe that it trades the market with an average duration of 18 hours and 24 minutes. It implements averaging and martingale strategies and does not have a fixed stop loss with trades.

Trading history on Myfxbook
Trading history on Myfxbook

There is no information on leverage or deposit traders should use the algorithm.

Facts & figures 

Unfortunately, backtesting records have not been provided by the product owner. This is not a good practice as we can never know about the historical performance of this bot.

We have verified live trading results on Myfxbook. These are from January 25, 2022, till March 15, 2022. Real (USDCent) was the currency reflected in these numbers on the MT4 platform. The leverage was 1:500. The monthly gain was shown as 96.19%, but a high drawdown of 58.97% puts the relevance of this gain into question. Deposits were stated as 4000 USD, with a profit value of 8107.53 USD.

This algorithm participated in 1687 trades, out of which 73% were profitable. The profit factor was recorded as 2.21.

Live records on Myfxbook
Live records on Myfxbook

Kapola Trader EA packages

The EA is sold in three packages. Bronze comes at 99 USD with access to 1 real and 1 demo account. Silver is sold at 149 USD, granting the use of 2 real and 2 demo accounts. Lastly, Gold is priced at 249 USD, including 4 real and 4 demo accounts. Apart from this, all packages come with lifetime access, 24×7 customer care, and free updates from the seller. 

Pricing of the robot on the website
Pricing of the robot on the website


Customer support is available 24/7. Traders can contact the developers by filling out a Contact Us form on the website. 

Other notes

There is only a single customer review present on Forex Peace Army where a trader states that the company does not reply to the emails.

Customer review on Forex Peace Army
Customer review on Forex Peace Army

Is Kapola Trader EA a reliable system?

The robot uses averaging and martingale strategies to trade the market which can cause a high drawdown which is observed from the live records. There are no backtesting records which makes it an unreliable system.

Kapola Trader EA Summary

Kapola Trader EA keeps us blind regarding the seller's profile information and their experience. Moreover, the high drawdown and martingale approach observed in live results point towards the high-risk trading approach.

Performance statistics


Reviews from customers


Ease of use


Implemented strategies




  • +30-day money-back guarantee


  • -Not clear on strategy
  • -Backtesting records are not present
  • -No transparency on developers
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