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Jet Trader Pro Review: Is It Wise to Hand Your Trading Over to This EA?

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The vendor of Jet Trader Pro says that this trading system was able to beat the Forex market 14 months in a row. Apparently, the robot has attained 2334 pips to date. You can also supposedly earn up to 20% monthly profits while trading with it. These are very bold claims that need to be investigated. The findings can then help us to know if investing in the tool is a wise move or not. 

Jet Trader Pro company profile

Jet Trader Pro is the product of a company called LeapFX. The firm has been in this market for about 3 years, having begun its operations in 2018. It has created several products for the consumption of traders who prefer automated trading. Examples include Funnel Trader, Arbriton, InstantEA, Bounce Trader, The Fund Trader, and many more. 

The highlights of Jet Trader Pro

The features of this robot are listed below:

  • Mainly trades with the EURUSD currency pair.
  • You can start trading with $100-$250 in your account.
  • It is fully automated and easy to set up. 
  • Runs on the MT4 terminal. 
  • Does not require any experience, chart trading skills, or any prior Forex training. 

Concerning the strategy, the main claim is that Jet Trader Pro focuses on profiting from the ebbs and flows from the highs and lows of the EURUSD currency pair. The EA particularly utilizes what the developer calls a “dynamic price protection strategy.” This method supposedly makes trading safer and very profitable. In fact, its inbuilt reversal-counter measures serve to amass profit even when traders are expected to lose.

Though this strategy description sounds interesting, we are disappointed by the vendor for failing to mention that this product also works with the grid approach. 

Facts & figures

The backtest results for this EA are not presented. So, we don’t know how the system performs under historical data. Fortunately, its performance in the live market can be tracked in Myfxbook. 

Live trading stats
Live trading stats

The EA is presently running a real USCCent account. The EA began trading on this account in January 2021 with a deposit of USC3,000. As a result, a profit of USC1,627.50 has been made. This means that the robot generates about $145 monthly on average. You can agree that this income is small. The monthly profit is 4.49%, while the drawdown is 16.74%. So, the risk/reward ratio is 3.7:1. 

Trading performance
Trading performance

To date, the robot has carried out 301 trades. Unfortunately, it tends to lose these orders than win them. The average loss (-81.44 pips), which is twice higher than the average win of 33.65 pips, demonstrates this. The reported profit factor is 2.47. 

Open trades
Open trades

The open trades have led to a loss of -USC5.56. 

Monthly gains
Monthly gains

The robot made consistent profits throughout the year, except for November where the profitability rate shot up to 8.18% before plummeting to 3.3% in December.

Trading history
Trading history

The EA works with different lot sizes, a grid of orders, and holds trades for long periods. SL and TP features are present.

Jet Trader Pro packages

Jet Trader Pro’s pricing plans
Jet Trader Pro’s pricing plans

The yearly license for Jet Trader Pro’s is $347. The lifetime license is much more expensive as the vendor requires you to pay $697 for it. Both packs provide the following: best settings, hands-on support, lifetime updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Customer support is available 24/7. Unfortunately, there are only two support options. One requires you to fill out the available contact form with your details and questions. The other one entails emailing the team directly in case you want to inquire about the product. 

Other notes

This expert advisor has zero customer feedback. Consequently, we don’t know if people are purchasing it, and if so, are they getting value for money?

Is Jet Trader Pro a reliable system?

Before you invest in this robot, you should pay special attention to its performance in the live market and the kind of strategy it uses. This way, you can know the revenues it will bring you and the level of risks it works with. 

Jet Trader Pro Summary

You don’t need any trading experience to operate this robot because it is user-friendly. Also, a small deposit amount is needed to activate it. Unfortunately, the system lacks a backtest report, which makes it hard to determine how it performs under different market conditions. Other drawbacks include low return rate, zero customer feedback, and the application of the grid approach.

Performance statistics


Reviews from customers


Ease of use


Implemented strategies




  • +Easy to use
  • +Small deposit required to start trading


  • -Works with a dangerous strategy
  • -Lacks customer feedback
  • -Low ROI
  • -No backtest report
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