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Champion EA Review: Is It Wise to Hand Over Your Trading to This EA? 

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Champion EA is portrayed as a smart trading system that is able to trade 5 different currency pairs at a go. According to the vendor, the robot has been tested on real quotes for a long time and has thus proved that it can generate real income for users. However, the dev says he will not disclose more secrets about this system so as to restrict the number of followers.  

Champion EA company profile

The creator of this EA is Evgenii Aksenov. As you can see in his profile below, he resides in Russia, and his products have a combined rating of 4.7 on MQL5. He has been working in this market for 3 years now. Examples of Evgenii’s other creations include Joker EA, Gold Dragon, Genesis EA, Gold Eagle, Level Trend EA, Copy Master, and Spread Meter, among others. 

Vendor’s profile on MQL5
Vendor’s profile on MQL5

The highlights of Champion EA

We have summed up the features of the robot for you below:

  • It supports multiple currency pairs; AUDCAD, GBPCAD, NZDCAD, EURCAD, and AUDNZD.
  • Only one chart is needed to trade all the currency pairs.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • The robot works with hedging accounts.
  • It is not sensitive to spreads and slippage, but the vendor advises that you use an ECN broker with low spreads.
  • The dev recommends using VPS for the EA to operate stably.
  • It may remain inactive for several days.
  • The minimum recommended deposit is $100 for every pair.

The vendor states that the EA’s strategy is based on the search for optimal entry/exit points. It particularly assesses the price of each candle and the dynamic deviation in the flow of quotes and decides to either enter/exit the market when the candle closes. A drawdown control system is also incorporated to protect the deposit from loss. The presence of a news filter prevents the advisor from engaging in random transactions during unpredictable periods. 

Facts & figures

Backtest results
Backtest results

As you can see above, the vendor has supplied us with the backtest data for this EA, but some info is missing. So, we don’t know the profitability rates, the performance of the short and long positions, the average profit and loss values, or the drawdown generated. Based on the info available, it is apparent that the EA made a large profit of $68632681.47 from a deposit of $1000. This was preceded by the implementation of 13685 trades. The profit factor was 1.69.

Live trading stats on MQL5
Live trading stats on MQL5

The above account has been active since September 2021, and to date, the drawdown made is high (40.7%), an indication that the trading strategy is risky. We have a current profit of $7738.71 from a deposit of $10000. So, the growth rate of the account presently stands at 77.38%. The system executes about 21 trades weekly, and the average holding time for each trade is 5 days. 

How trades perform
How trades perform

The EA has carried out 608 trades, which have a 78.61% profitability rate and a loss rate of 21.38%. On average, the system is likely to lose a trade than win it. This is illustrated by a higher average loss (-$67.07) than the average profit ($34.43). 

Champion EA packages

You can either buy Champion EA at a one-time price of $799 or rent it for 3 months at $299. A refund policy is not part of the package. The vendor says he is going to increase its price to $9999 in the near future.  

The EA’s pricing packs
The EA’s pricing packs


If you need any assistance, you can reach the vendor at This is a Telegram group that gives you a platform to ask anything about the product or services offered. Alternatively, you can post your questions or concerns on the comments section found on the mql5 page. 

Other notes

None of the 13 customers who have commented about the EA has anything bad to say about it. They only praise the system by saying that it produces profits and a low drawdown, works consistently, is user-friendly, and offers great support. 

User feedback on MQL5
User feedback on MQL5

Is Champion EA a reliable system?

This EA seems to be reliable as many traders on mql5 have attested to its efficiency. However, you have to exercise due diligence before buying it because the EA’s trading strategy might be risky, as illustrated by the high drawdown generated in the live market. 

Champion EA Summary

Champion EA is easy to use, and the presence of a news filter enables it to avoid trading when the market is highly volatile. Even then, you need to be cautious with this system because we have learned it trades riskily. It is also costly and may be out of reach of some traders.

Performance statistics


Reviews from customers


Ease of use


Implemented strategies




  • +Easy to use
  • +Presence of a news filter


  • -Risky trading strategy
  • -Costly
  • -Backtest report not detailed
  • -High drawdown
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