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BuySellSeries EA Review: Is It Wise to Hand Your Trading Over to This EA?

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BuySellSeries EA is advertised as a very profitable Forex robot. The vendor says that trading with the system will allow you to make any percentage profit amount and easily control your trading risk. So, if interested, you can make a purchase through the official website or MQL5.  

BuySellSeries EA company profile

The name of the company behind this EA is unknown. However, we are informed that the developer is known as Chukwudi Joshua Obiekwe, a professional trader with years of experience. He works with a team of other Forex traders and programmers whose goal is to help traders get the best out of trading the financial markets. 

The highlights of BuySellSeries EA

The features of the EA as described by the vendor are highlighted below:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Designed to give high monthly returns
  • Is fully automated
  • Comes with a simple guide
  • A minimum balance of $100 is needed to trade

The EA works with a strong trend analyzing strategy based on a candlestick pattern and a news filtering system. But further details about the approach are not divulged.  

Facts & figures

We are not shown the backtest results of this EA. According to the devs, they have realized over the years that backtests are inaccurate and useless to some real trading systems. Anyway, the robot runs a live account on Myfxbook. Let’s assess the results. 

Live trading data
Live trading data

This account was active from June 2020 to November 2020. On average, the robot made a profit of 26.52% monthly. So, it managed to generate a profit of $651.86 for the account before it was closed. The drawdown was 31.10% and high. Clearly, risky trading was applied. 

Trading performance
Trading performance

The EA executed 331 orders during the trading period. The performance of these trades was not good. Only 60% of the long positions and 65% of the short ones were won. There was a profit factor of 2.25 and 10.81 traded lots. 

Daily trades
Daily trades

The system conducted trades for 5 days during the week. Wednesday was the busiest day, followed by Thursday and Friday. 

Monthly gains
Monthly gains

As the EA began its trading activities in June 2020, it made a loss of -2.87%. Fortunately, it was able to recover the loss in July. The system also managed to make a huge profit of 72.71% in August. 

BuySellSeries EA packages

BuySellSeries EA has 2 distinct pricing options. You can either buy it at a one-off price of $800 or rent it at $250, but it’s not clear how long the latter option lasts. Both packs come with 3 accounts, free demo accounts, 24/7 customer support, and free updates. 

The robot’s pricing plans
The robot’s pricing plans


The vendor offers 3 main customer support options. The team can be reached directly through Email, Telegram, or Telegram live chat. 

Other notes

We found one customer review for this robot on FPA. According to the trader, BuySellSeries EA is an account blower. It worked with extreme risks, generating a very high drawdown of 90%, which eventually caused his account to be wiped out. So, he advises against purchasing this robot. 

User review
User review

Is BuySellSeries EA a reliable system?

We have seen from the trading results that the EA generated a high drawdown within just 5 months of trading. This means that it engages in risky trading activities, which can lead to a margin call. In fact, one user confirms that the system can indeed run an account down. 

BuySellSeries EA Summary

From the live trading stats, it is apparent that the robot is profitable as it was able to double the investment within a short period. The main problem is that it trades riskily. For this reason, it can decimate the deposit pretty much quickly. So, with time, even the profits obtained can be eroded.

Performance statistics


Reviews from customers


Ease of use


Implemented strategies




  • +Simple to use
  • +Comes with a manual


  • -High drawdown
  • -Inadequate strategy explanation
  • -Expensive pricing
  • -No backtest report
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