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BotCrypto Review: What It Is and How It Works

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BotCrypto is a service that provides us with possibilities to work on the market and design our own solutions. The developers claimed that we can get an edge of the markets. So, we are here to check this out. 

BotCrypto quick summary

The system can be a good solution for those who can design or customize trading bots. 

BotCrypto: what is it?

The platform provides us with a possibility to work on the market stable. 

Who is behind BotCrypto?

The developers of this trading solution are Constantin De La Roche, Théo Poizat, and Mehdi Boussaad with their LinkedIn links. The company was created in 2017 with the headquarters in France.

How does BotCrypto function?

We have many details and features introduced in the presentation. For better understanding, we systemize them in the following list. 

  • It can manage orders completely automatically for us. 
  • The system requires us to know coding to get started smoothly. 
  • We can work without emotions with this solution. 
  • It will perform 24/7 on the market. 
  • All of this can save our free time. 
  • We can get feedback from strategies without risking our money. 
  • Testing is possible on several clicks. 
  • There are three years of simulation data. 
  • We can take advantage of the market.
  • It’s possible to design our own strategies. 
  • We are allowed to test everything absolutely safely. 
  • It includes a visual interface either. 

Technical indicators available

We don’t know details about available indicators to work with. 

What should you know about BotCrypto performance?

The system works automatically and allows us to customize bots to fit our trading style. 

Key features of BotCrypto

  • Automated trading
  • Robot design features
  • Money-management

How easy is BotCrypto to use for beginners?

The system isn’t welcome for beginners. We should have some experience in designing and customizing bots. 

How to get started on BotCrypto?

We have to pay and start customizing it. Then, we have to attach it to the terminal. 

Pricing, fees, deposit, withdrawal

The developers split the order in several packages. The free pack is available and it includes: bots safely with simulations, no bot on the markets trading, unlimited strategies, unlimited imported strategies, unlimited simulations in the past (backtests) up to 1440 candles, unlimited real time simulations, notifications on Discord, Slack, etc., full access to the API.

The second pic is Bronze that is available for 9.99€ monthly and for 119.88€ annually. It’s featured by 2 bots on the markets, unlimited simulations in the past (backtests) up to 5760 candles, full access to the API.

The third pack is Silver pack that can be purchased for 29.99€ monthly and 359.88€ annually. There are five bots on the markets, unlimited simulations in the past (backtests) up to 7920 candles. The Gold pack costs 59.99€ monthly and 719.88€ annually, 20 bots on the markets, unlimited simulations in the past (backtests) up to 10080 candles. 

The owners decided not to provide us with a refund policy. 

What settings are available?

We don’t know for sure. Usually, the developers deliver a user manual with a copy of the system that helps an owner to customize it. 

Which exchanges does BotCrypto support?

The bots can be used on Binance or Kraken. 

BotCrypto: supported assets

There are no mentioned about what coins we are allowed to trade. 

BotCrypto: security and regulation

The system works on the market only through API keys. We can expect that It trades for us but it can’t withdraw our balance. 

What do customers say?

We don’t know for sure because there are no testimonials from real clients written. 

Public support

The developers provide us with welcome and knowledgeable support. 

BotCrypto Crypto Bot

BotCrypto is a combination of a system and a platform that allows us to work with crypto market profitably. The presentation includes information about the system and its features. Alas, the developers don’t provide us with actual trading results to ensure us that the system is profitable. So, the final decision is completely up to you.





Customer Support




Ease of Use


  • +We can customize and design bots
  • +Affordable rental options provided


  • -No risk advice given
  • -No backtest reports provided
  • -No trading results shown
  • -No testimonials provided
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