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Belkaglazer EA Review: Is It Wise to Hand Your Trading Over to This EA?

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Belkaglazer EA is a robot that works on a real account trying to perform stable. The presentation includes information about the system, its settings, features, and requirements. The pricing doesn’t look good and it seems to us that the developer doesn’t want to sell it. 

Belkaglazer EA company profile

The developer’s profile on MQL5
The developer’s profile on MQL5

Dmitriy Shal who uses the Elon Musk college photo has a 3947 rate on MQL5. He has seven years of trading experience on MQL5. There are four products on the board that were downloaded for demo usage 2426 times. They have a 4 out of 5 rate based on two reviews only.

The highlights of Belkaglazer EA

There are various claims provided that are united in the following list. 

  • The advisor can provide us with automatic orders execution. 
  • The system was updated this year several times. 
  • It’s possible to work with Forex, Futures, Crypto, and indices. 
  • It is designed for professional algorithmic traders.
  • The robot works with four models: PriceChannel, Pivot, PriceAction, and PRNG.
  • The system can manage various strategies like momentum, breakout, counter-trend, mean-reversion, scalping, and other strategies.
  • It works with limit, stop, and market orders.
  • We can work with 4 and 5-digit quotes.
  • The system received an advanced news filter.
  • It detects GMT Offset automatically.
  • The robot doesn’t support trading with usage of risky strategies like Martingale, Grid, Hedge. 
  • The modeling quality was 99.90%. 
  • The system can have some negative results. 
  • There are various set files that can be applied. 
  • He provided us with settings explanations. 
  • The system has to work on a VPS service. 
  • It protects orders with SL and TP levels. 

Trading results with Belkaglazer EA

Belkaglazer EA backtest report
Belkaglazer EA backtest report

The robot received proper testing on EURUSD on M30. The data was chosen from a period of 2003-2019 years. The profit factor was 1.90. The system has executed 490 deals. The win rate for shorts was 62.13% when for longs it was 60.78%. 

Belkaglazer EA trading results on Myfxbook
Belkaglazer EA trading results on Myfxbook

The system keeps managing a real USD account. The robot trades automatically on IC Markets with leverage of 1:500 and on MT4. The account has a verified track record. It was deployed on October 30, 2017, and deposited at $120. Since then, the total gain has become 134.13%. An average monthly gain is 1.56%. The maximum drawdown is 41.62%. This level is high compared with the monthly profits it provides.

Belkaglazer EA statistics
Belkaglazer EA statistics

The robot executed 1021 deals with 854.6 pips. An average win is 7.55 pips when an average loss is -14.06 pips. The robot works with a win rate of 63-74%. The trade length is 2 hours and 2 minutes. The profit factor is 1.10. It’s such a low number for a professional advisor. 

Belkaglazer EA directions
Belkaglazer EA directions

We may note that the robot doesn’t look stable. 

Belkaglazer EA hourly activities
Belkaglazer EA hourly activities

The system opens the most orders during the European and the beginning of the Asian session. 

Belkaglazer EA risks
Belkaglazer EA risks

It manages the account with high risks. It has to lose only 5 orders to lose 10% of the account. 

Belkaglazer EA closed orders
Belkaglazer EA closed orders

The advisor works with dynamic TP and SL levels. 

Belkaglazer EA monthly profitability
Belkaglazer EA monthly profitability

We may note that the robot is going to lose May 2022. 

Belkaglazer EA packages

Belkaglazer EA pricing
Belkaglazer EA pricing

The advisor costs $19,999 for a single real account copy. The offer is too expensive. No system on MQL5 should cost that match. 


Belkaglazer feedback
Belkaglazer feedback

The developer doesn’t provide people with acceptable support.

Other notes

Belkaglazer EA testimonials
Belkaglazer EA testimonials

We have a list of old people’s testimonials. 

Is Belkaglazer EA a reliable system?

We don’t think so because the performance isn’t great and the system has to be updated.

Belkaglazer EA Summary

Belkaglazer EA is a system that works with a real market, using risky strategies. The presentation provides us with general details about the robot. Anyway, the system isn't stable this year.

Performance statistics


Reviews from customers


Ease of use


Implemented strategies




  • +Backtest reports provided
  • +The system trades profitable


  • -No risk advice given
  • -Trading results don’t look great
  • -We have only old testimonials
  • -The pricing doesn’t look right
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