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Aeron (Scalper+Grid) Review: Is It Wise to Hand Your Trading Over To This EA?

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The devs term Aeron (Scalper+Grid) as a reliable Forex automatic trading tool, and you just need to install it in your MT4 terminal and leave it to work for you. They also say that they have specifically designed it to attain stable and maximum profits with minimum risk through the scalping and grid trading strategies. 

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) company profile

The company that created this system is anonymous. Therefore, it is hard to determine where it is located, the professionals behind it, trading experience, history in this market, and reputation, among other things. 

The highlights of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

This trading system includes several features:

  • It attaches a stop loss and take profit on each position.
  • The robot works on an MT4 account. 
  • The recommended timeframe is M1.
  • The system requires your computer and internet to be on 24/5.
  • The recommended trading pairs are; EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, CADJPY, and AUDCAD symbols.
  • Equity risk management is available.

The EA works with both scalping and the grid strategies. On the one hand, the system buys currencies and holds them for short periods with the goal of making profits. It uses the grid if scalping fails. This latter approach entails hedging and placing alternating buy/sell orders at pre-set levels. The main aim is to obtain profits from the natural market movement. 

Facts & figures

The presentation of this EA doesn’t feature its backtest report. So, there is no way of knowing if its past performance is better or worse than the current performance. 

Live trading results on FXBlue
Live trading results on FXBlue

Aeron began working on this account in January 2021, and after trading for 403 days, it has made a profit of $699.60 and a loss of -$15.36. The trades completed have attained an 87.7% win rate. On average, the system carries out 2.7 trades daily, and over time, the account’s value has increased by 44.3%. The peak drawdown is -19.1% and still low. 

Monthly returns from Jan 2021 to Feb 2022
Monthly returns from Jan 2021 to Feb 2022

June was the most profitable period in 2021, while July was the least lucrative one. 

Weekly trades
Weekly trades

Trades are conducted from Monday all through Friday, with Wednesday being the busiest period in the week. 

Risk of ruin
Risk of ruin

The EA has a poor risk/reward ratio of 0.98, which means that it makes lower returns compared to the amount invested. There’s an average trade length of 18.3 hours. During its worst day and week, the robot made losses of -$436.68 and -$359.84, respectively. This account is safe from being destroyed, going by the 0.3% risk of ruin reported. The average win is $4.74, while the average loss is -$28.52. 

Trading history
Trading history

The reported profits are quite small, and fixed lot sizes (0.04) are used in trading. 

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) packages

You can purchase this robot at $230 through PayPal and get access to it instantly. The vendor plans to raise its price to $349 in the future once the first 50 copies are sold out.


The vendor offers customer support. So, if you need any assistance using the product, you can either fill out the contact us form available on the official site or email the team directly.

Other notes

Aeron has a bunch of old customer reviews on FPA, and most of them are negative. The major claim among these users is that the system is a loser. They hence advise against using it. However, we need new testimonials to see if traders currently using it have similar or contrary opinions. 

User reviews on Forex Peace Army
User reviews on Forex Peace Army

Is Aeron (Scalper+Grid) a reliable system?

We have seen that the EA has traded with low risks on a live account for over a year. However, the resulting profits have been small and the poor risk/reward ratio means it loses more than it wins. 

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) Summary

The system has a low return rate, and if large losses are made in the future, then the gains might be wiped out. The grid strategy present can also increase trading risks. Furthermore, we are not sure if the devs are reputable people since their identity is hidden. Anyway, the robot is cost-friendly, and you can use it to trade more than one currency pair.

Performance statistics


Reviews from customers


Ease of use


Implemented strategies




  • +Average pricing
  • +Live trading results are present on FXBlue


  • -No recent customer reviews
  • -Small profits made
  • -A dangerous strategy (grid) is used
  • -Vendor is anonymous
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