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Tip Toe Hippo Review: Is It Wise to Hand Your Trading Over to This EA?

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Tip Toe Hippo has a short presentation that fails to provide any information about the developers or their trading experience in the industry. The devs claimed that “it’s a funny name and serious trading.” This doesn’t look solid for this service.

Tip Toe Hippo company profile

There’s no company behind the service. We don’t even know who the developers are because we have neither MQL5 nor Facebook profile links. 

The highlights of Tip Toe Hippo

The presentation includes some details about what we can expect from the robot when it starts working on a real account. 

  • It’s an automatic trading solution. We have to do nothing in addition. 
  • An average profitability is over 5% monthly. 
  • The gain vs. the drawdown rate is 5.13. 
  • The profit factor is over 1.60. 
  • The advisor doesn’t require much time to be installed on the terminal. 
  • It was designed to work on MT4. 
  • We can rely on welcome and knowledgeable support. 
  • The robot doesn’t work with a high risk on an account. 
  • The advisor seeks trading opportunities all day long. 
  • If the market moves, it’s the right time to make profits. 
  • The test was executed based on the data from 9 years. 
  • There are “12 independently correlated systems to minimize the downside and maximize profit.”
  • The maximum historical drawdown was 15%. 
  • It is possible to get into hold-out periods. 
  • There were over 3 years of hold-out testing. 
  • The past performance, as usual, does not guarantee future profits. 
  • “The maximum stagnation historically was 4 months.”

Trading results with Tip Toe Hippo

Backtest report
Backtest report

There’s a backtest chart provided where we can see that the line of growth was quite smooth. The data period was 9 mentioned years. 

Tip Toe Hippo’s trading results
Tip Toe Hippo’s trading results

It’s a good sign that we have a well-deposited account to discuss. This means that the dev makes money using this system. The advisor has been running a real USD account on the Global Prime broker automatically. The leverage is 1:200. The platform is MT4. The account has a verified track record. It was created on May 09, 2021, and then deposited at  $27,660. Since then, the absolute gain has amounted to 30.57%. An average monthly gain is 5.64%. The maximum drawdown is 5.87%. 

Trading statistics
Trading statistics

The robot has traded 176 orders with 4021 pips. An average win is 115.72 pips when an average loss is -74.35 pips. The win rate is between 37% and 53%. An average trade length is 14 hours and 30 minutes. 

Trading directions
Trading directions

The developers didn’t mention that the system was designed for trading indices, not Forex pairs. 

Hourly activities
Hourly activities

The robot focuses on trading Asian, European, and American openings. 

Closed orders
Closed orders

We may note that the robot works with different lot sizes all the time. 

Monthly profits
Monthly profits

The advisor trades unpredictably that forces the account to monthly losses. 

Tip Toe Hippo packages

Tip Toe Hippo offer
Tip Toe Hippo offer

We have only subscription options provided. There are three rents: one month for $50, three months for $100, and annually for $250. All packs have features: automatic direct trading, continued support, and instant access. It’s not so much to discuss. 


The support could be good but we have any sign of testimonials that could continue us in this. Most likely, they answer within a day. 

Other notes

Tip Toe Hippo’s page on FPA
Tip Toe Hippo’s page on FPA

There’s a page of TipToeHippo created by the Forex Peace Army. No clients have written feedback about the system. 

Is Tip Toe Hippo a profitable bet in 2021?

We don’t think so. The system should be updated after a lost month in August and present negative trading results. After updates, we have to check the system for half a year or so. 

Tip Toe Hippo Summary

Tip Toe Hippo is an expert advisor that works on a well-deposited account. Trading results don't look smooth, stable, and predictable. After checking a presentation, we are sure that it could be written better by providing more explanations.

Performance statistics


Reviews from customers


Ease of use


Implemented strategies




  • +Trading results shared
  • +Affordable rental options provided


  • -No risk advice provide
  • -No backtest report details shown
  • -No people testimonials and refunds provided
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