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PipFinite EA Trend PRO Review: Is It Wise to Hand Your Trading Over to This EA?

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PipFinite EA Trend PRO is the automated format of the PipFinite Trend PRO indicator. The FX EA trades using the indicator’s signal and the trade management is according to the customization of the user. Most of the features of this ATS are customizable, which the vendor claims will help in improving the trading approach. 

The developer, Karlo Wilson Vendiola assures that this MT5 tool can make trading accurate and easy to do. In this review, our expert analysts have done a thorough evaluation of the features, company background, support, performance, trading approach, and more to provide a comprehensive account of the EA’s reliability. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO company profile

Karlo Wilson Vendiola is the developer of this FX EA. It was published in June 2021 and is in version 2.33 now with the recent update done on June 28, 2021. The developer is from the Philippines and has more than 7 years of experience in the field. He has developed 20 products and 8 signals. There is no further info present on the developer or the company. We could not find info related to the founding year, the location address, phone number, etc. The absence of adequate info on the EA and its developer makes us suspect the dependability of the MT5 tool.

The highlights of PipFinite EA Trend PRO

Features of PipFinite EA Trend PRO
Features of PipFinite EA Trend PRO

As per the info provided on the MQL5 site, the EA is flexible allowing the user to choose the settings that work best for their trading setup. The developer claims that the fully automated format of the FX EA allows it to take care of the trading ensuring you do not miss the signals and also avoid late entries. Important features and recommendations for this FX robot include:

  • An inbuilt indicator algorithm and multiple filters for ensuring flexibility of the EA.
  • Automated money management options and different SL and TP positions to choose from.
  • Ability to close trades partially with a custom percentage.
  • Trailing stop and breakeven options.
  • Closure of trades on the opposite signal alert and a success rate filter for trade exits and entries.
  • A minimum of $50 is the tradable lower limit for this EA.
  • Any timeframe and financial instrument can be used for this EA.
  • Alerts are provided via email, pop-up, and push notifications.

Facts & figures 

Backtesting results for PipFinite EA Trend PRO
Backtesting results for PipFinite EA Trend PRO

The developer provides backtesting results for this FX robot. One of the backtests done from 2015 using the H1 timeframe on the EURUSD pair is shown above. From the report, we can see a net profit of 6317.82 was generated from an initial deposit of $2000. The profit factor is 1.51 and the profitability is 60.56% for a total of 497 executed trades. A maximum drawdown of 31.73% is present for this backtest. 

Here is a real USD account of the EA using the RobotForex broker, leverage of 1:500, and an automated trading style on the MT4 platform. 

Growth curve of PipFinite EA Trend PRO
Growth curve of PipFinite EA Trend PRO
Advanced stats of PipFinite EA Trend PRO
Advanced stats of PipFinite EA Trend PRO

From the trading info provided in the screenshots above, we can see the system has suffered a loss of 6.2% with a daily loss of 0.13% and a monthly loss of 3.72%. The maximum drawdown for the account was 24.81%. 

For the account started in August 2021, we can see the growth curve has too many downward dips indicating a poor approach and performance. Of a total of 87 trades, the profitability is 44% and the profit factor is very low at 0.92%. 

Comparing the backtests and the real trading results, we can see the real trading shows poorer performance than the backtests despite having a lower drawdown result. However, from the two tests, it is clear that the strategy is risky and not reliable.

PipFinite EA Trend PRO packages

Pricing of PipFinite EA Trend PRO
Pricing of PipFinite EA Trend PRO

To purchase this FX EA, you have to pay $198. A monthly rental of $98 and an annual rental of $158 are also available. There is no further info on the features provided with the package which raises doubts regarding the EA. Furthermore, there is no refund policy which further confirms that this is not a reliable FX robot.


Support is via the message board on the MQL5 site and via the Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook links provided on the official site. 

Other notes

The MQL5 site has a few reviews for this EA. Here is one of them:

PipFinite EA Trend PRO user complaining of poor real trading results
PipFinite EA Trend PRO user complaining of poor real trading results

From the review, it is clear that the backtests and real trading results do not look promising. This confirms our doubts about the dependability of this EA.

Is PipFinite EA Trend PRO a profitable bet in 2021?

No, it is not. Here are the main downsides we found in this FX EA:

  • The trading approach is not explained properly.
  • Backtesting and real trading results show poor performance and ineffective strategy. 
  • No money-back guarantee is present.

PipFinite EA Trend PRO Summary

From our meticulous evaluation of the various aspects of this FX robot, we find that it is not a reliable product. The insufficient vendor and support info, poor performance in backtests and real trading, and the absence of a refund policy are major downsides that make this FX robot unreliable.

Performance statistics


Reviews from customers


Ease of Use


Implemented strategies




  • +Fully automated EA
  • +Verified trading results


  • -The strategy is not explained
  • -Poor performance in real trading results
  • -No refund
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