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Happy Breakout Review: Is It Wise to Hand Your Trading Over to This EA?

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Happy Breakout is an expert advisor that uses fixed stop losses and trailing stops in trading to optimize profits and manage risks. The devs assure us that the system was optimized utilizing real ticks with 99.90% model quality. They also advise the community to test the EA using minimal risk before trading it live. 

Happy Breakout company profile

Happy Forex is the author of this robot. The company, which was established in 2016, has built a reputation for itself for producing trading robots that work with different strategies. So far, Happy Galaxy, Happy Gold, Happy Way, and Happy Martigrid are among the many EAs the company has added to its portfolio.  

The highlights of Happy Breakout

According to the vendor, the EA comes with the following features:

  • It supports ECN brokers.
  • It’s fully automated.
  • The system comes with autodetection of 4 or 5 digit quotes.
  • No hedging, grid, martingale, or arbitrage strategies are used.
  • It only works with two pairs; EURUSD and GBPUSD.
  • The robot supports both the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.
  • It can either work on the M30 or H1 timeframe.
  • The advice is to use a VPS or hosting server with minimal network latency to the broker’s server.
  • The maximum spread is 10 points and the maximum stop level is under 10 points.
  • It supports several operating systems, including Windows 7,8,10, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • The minimum recommended deposit is $100.
  • Low spreads, high quality execution, and low commission are vital when selecting a broker to trade.

When it comes to the trading strategy, this expert advisor focuses on the breakdown of the most significant support and resistance levels. 

Facts & figures

Backtest results
Backtest results

Based on the stats above, it is obvious that the system traded on the EURUSD currency pair between 2012 and 2015 using the M30 timeframe. From a deposit of $1000, the profit realized was $553363.29. At the same time, a maximum drawdown of 14.49% was recorded. This indicates that the strategy on board was low-risk. 

The completed trades during this trading period were 1028, and the winning rates for short positions were 71.60% and 70.63% for long ones. More wins than losses were reported as we had a higher average profit trade ($1101.72) compared to the average loss trade (-$848.45). The average consecutive wins were 3, while the average consecutive loss was 1.   

Live trading stats on FXStat
Live trading stats on FXStat

The bot is presently managing the above account, which we have established was opened in November 2020. Using a deposit of $1000, the EA has made a profit of $93.90 on behalf of the owner. We have a daily profit rate of 0.03% and a monthly return rate of 0.56%. The current account balance is $1111.66, while the drawdown is 24.01%.  

Trading performance
Trading performance

Of all the 618 trades carried out so far, a profitability rate of 63.43% has been attained. The best trade has made a profit of $121.55, and the worst one has cost this account -$185. A profit factor of 1.02 is reported. The average trade duration is 0.22h. 

Performance of currency pairs
Performance of currency pairs

The EA trades with the EURUSD currency pair as frequently as with the GBPUSD symbol.

Trading history
Trading history

The system works with large lot sizes and applies stop losses and take profits.

Happy Breakout packages

A lifetime license for Happy Breakout costs €550, and you will get an unlimited number of real/demo accounts, free updates and upgrades. A 30-day money-back is offered for anyone who is not satisfied with the EA’s results. A bonus of Happy Forex full pack (10xEAs) is available for free. 


Anyone who needs assistance using the service is advised to reach the support team through email. A live chat window is also present to expedite the process.  

Other notes

Though the parent company has a page on FPA, none of the available comments mention this robot. 

Is Happy Breakout a reliable system?

Backtest and live results prove that the system can generate income for the user. Moreover, the stats suggest that low trading risks are low, given that acceptable drawdown rates are generated on both past and current market conditions.  

Happy Breakout Summary

Happy Breakout does not use dangerous strategies like grid and martingale, and this has helped it to trade with low risks. The application of stop losses has also played a significant role in managing risks. Moreover, you can use Happy Breakout with the other free EAs on a single account to enhance your trading outcomes.

Performance statistics


Reviews from customers


Ease of use


Implemented strategies




  • +Low drawdown
  • +Free extra EAs
  • +Customer support is available
  • +Risky strategies are not used


  • -Customer reviews are absent
  • -Only two currency pairs are supported
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