Crypto Apex Legends: Best 5 Tips & Tricks to Earn

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  • What is the Crypto Apex Legend?
  • Why does it have the potential to grow?
  • What are his abilities?

Apex Legends is a character-based, team battle shooter game. Having a rating of more than 4.7 and is available across multiple platforms. Apex Legends revealed Tae Joon Park’s character in its third season, a.k.a. Crypto. He is playable by purchasing 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex coins using digital currency. 

Crypto is also playable through the Champion Edition of Apex Legends, which consists of advanced Legends, weapons, and Apex Coins.

Crypto could be the hardest legend to learn

Crypto is a specialist of secrets, a master programmer who uses his drone to spy on his enemies without being seen. At the same time, he’s at a disadvantage compared to those Legends with extraordinary fighting abilities, so planning with Crypto is vital. 

The perfect plan is to initiate an attack and take down the enemy. Then, as the drone reveals the enemy locations and scouts them, use the Crypto role as a tactician to plan an attack with its teammates, as communication is key in any game. 

The player should not only rely on the drone but should also utilize Crypto as a Legend. With abilities revolving around the surveillance drone and hacks, Crypto has a strategist and a tactical playstyle. 

While the drone can spy and reveal enemy locations, loots, Neurolink, and EMP, all these abilities are tied to the drone and make Crypto defenseless. In contrast, manual drone mode makes Crypto the most challenging Legend in Apex Legends.

Crypto Apex Legends drone
Crypto Apex Legends drone

As Crypto, all primary abilities rely on the drone; the players must be careful of the drone. Furthermore, the cooldown penalty is exceptionally grave if the drone is destroyed, making Crypto a Legend without special abilities.  

As the drone is easy to spot, and the noise it creates while surveilling makes the 50 to 60 health point drone quite delicate and can quickly be taken down by any Apex Legends weapon in no time. So the drone has to be used very carefully, and the players should use the drone and the legend.

One other factor which makes Crypto the most challenging legend is movement. As Apex Legends is a mobility-based game, when in manual drone view, Crypto movement is disabled, making him and his drone vulnerable to enemy attacks. 

The EMP, when launched in a closed encounter, stuns not only the enemy and Crypto but also the allies, so you must use it carefully.

Why do Crypto Apex Legends have the potential to grow?

Crypto is one of the few Legends with cutting-edge situational consciousness strategies due to its nifty and commanding surveillance drone proficiencies. To play with Crypto, one not only needs to be a master of the legend itself but of the drone too.

Abilities, ultimate, tips

Crypto Apex Legends abilities
Crypto Apex Legends abilities

Crypto abilities can be divided into three types, each giving him a unique attribute:


It consists of Crypto Surveillance Drone. As soon as the tactical button is pressed, Crypto goes into drone view. The drone has a coverage area of 200 meters. 

The drone detects items such as gears, weapons, attachments, ammunitions, map features, dead teammates’ locations, and much more. In addition, the drone’s special functionality detects nearby enemies to Crypto and pings the enemy’s location to teammates. 

Tips and tricks of tactical mode

Doors, supply boxes, banners retrieval, respawn, and you can do many other things remotely through the drone. In addition, the drone can be used as a lure to confuse opponents while your squad is attacking or retreating. 


Crypto passive buff suggestion
Crypto passive buff suggestion

It is the drone’s Neurolink ability. Without Neurolink, the drone would be half as useful as it currently, nor would it be that powerful. 

The Neurolink ability allows Crypto and his teammates to see what the Surveillance Drone detects up to a 30-meter distance; this includes doors, supplies, traps, and most importantly, enemies within a 30-meter radius.

Tips and tricks of passive mode

Neurolink can be activated in both manual and automatic Surveillance Drone mode, allowing Crypto to engage with enemies while still gathering information on opponents. There are glass surfaces on maps through which the drone can detect enemies safely. In addition, the squad can manually ping the enemy location without the enemies knowing of the drone’s presence.


Crypto’s Ultimate ability is its Drone EMP, making this his only offensive power. The EMP takes three minutes to charge, and then it launches a shockwave dealing consequential damage to the opponents and then slowing them down.

Tips and tricks of ultimate mode

The EMP can be activated even when the drone operates automatically. The EMP instantly destroys enemy domes, fences, traps, decoys, drones, covers, and markets. Close combats are an excellent place to detonate EMP, as the critical damage and slow effect can make the enemy team vulnerable. 

Tips for earning with crypto Apex Legends 

subscription types

With the recent outpouring of cryptocurrency and the decentralized world in the global market, gaming ventures have found ways of earning money.

Apex Legends is a very trending game, and the announcement of Crypto getting a buff in the new season has driven a lot of attention towards it. So with all the attention the legend is getting, people can earn it through various methods:


The most predominant way of making money is that gamers can live stream Crypto gameplay on different platforms and earn money through views, subscriptions, donations and sponsorship. Gamers can also record their videos and post them on YouTube or other platforms.

Competing in tournaments

Meta-world gaming tournaments have become quite familiar with tremendous rewards. As Apex Legend is a battle royale teamplay game, Crypto having strategist gameplay is a must-have in any team. The winning pool of the Apex Legends 2021 Global series was $10 million.


Another great way of making money through Crypto is by being a coach. Gaming coach nowadays has become a trending career choice. If you are a master of Crypto Legend, you can provide coaching to various players who want to get better and compete in tournaments.

Leveling Up

Many gamers level up their account, earning Legend Tokens, skins, and upgrades. When achieved at a high level, gamers tend to sell their account.


The basic concept of Apex Legends betting is to create an account on a betting platform. Following that, confirm it with proper documents and invest. When estimating the participants’ success in the game, you must adopt a tight risk management technique, similar to financial trading.

Final thoughts

Crypto is a strategist; it needs a tactical mindset. Therefore, communication, coordination, and planning are essential when using Crypto. You can also make money with the game in five ways discussed earlier.

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