The Potential Risks of Funding Undemocratic Regimes

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U.S. investors flocking to China and, to a lesser extent, Russia have had disappointing outcomes (“Inside Saudi Arabia’s $3 Trillion Plan to Move Past Oil,” Dec. 28). Now, they appear to be seeking refuge in yet another promising but undemocratic regime. It is crucial for Americans to recognize that the potential short-term gains from funding countries that oppose democracy, the rule of law, and human rights pale in comparison to the threats they pose to our own democracy.

Regarding Income Investments

If you are a retiree relying on investment income, it is essential to carefully examine the payout histories of funds like the Nuveen AMT-Free Quality Municipal Income. These funds have experienced erratic distributions over the years (“Here Are ‘s 12 Best Income Investments for the New Year,” Dec. 29). For those planning for a 10- to 30-year financial journey, it is vital to consider preserving the purchasing power of these distributions in the long run. Unfortunately, fixed-income and near-fixed-income-based funds fail to offer this protection. Only equity and equity-based funds can help you stay ahead of inflation.

What Went Right for Investors in 2023 Can Go Wrong in 2024

Timothy Cribbin
St. Louis

New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year when we typically look forward to making predictions while also chronicling how inaccurate last year’s predictions were. As time, rather than money, is our most precious finite resource, it seems that reviewing the past and predicting the future are not the most productive ways to expend our diminishing time.

This supports those who recommend that we preferentially focus on today, which shouldn’t entail prognostications, and look for ways to enrich our current life experiences. That is my New Year’s resolution.

Dr. Douglas Propp – Naples, Fla.

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