The Final Chapter: Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s Health Update

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“It’s clear we’re in the final chapter,” says Josh Carter, a grandson of former president Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter. This statement, shared in a recent People magazine feature, has sparked widespread discussion about the health of the elderly couple. However, the Atlanta-based Carter Center has clarified that there has been no change in their formal health status, as reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Weathering Significant Health Challenges

President Carter, now 98 years old, has faced a series of health challenges over the years. He has battled liver and brain cancer diagnoses in 2015, alongside multiple falls resulting in injuries. Despite these setbacks, Carter has shown remarkable resilience. In fact, he even continued his work with Habitat for Humanity a day after receiving 14 stitches following a fall at home in Plains, Ga. While his health has been on the decline, President Carter entered hospice care in February.

On the other hand, Rosalynn Carter, who recently turned 96, has been diagnosed with dementia, as announced by the Carter Center in May.

Looking Ahead

As Josh Carter explains in the People interview, he foresees his grandfather’s passing before his grandmother’s due to the age difference and the fact that President Carter is currently receiving palliative care. “It’s just math,” says Josh, who actively contributes to the Carter Center’s efforts to eradicate guinea worm as a small-business owner and podcast host.

Jimmy Carter himself has expressed his desire to see the last Guinea worm, which causes river blindness, eradicated before his own passing.


While concerns about the health of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have arisen due to recent discussions, it is important to note that their formal health status remains unchanged. Their enduring commitment to public service and their determination to overcome obstacles continue to inspire many.

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