Shimano Shares Plummet

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Shares of Shimano, the Japanese bicycle-parts maker, experienced a significant decline on Wednesday morning in response to a 27% drop in net profit for the first half. As a result, the company has revised its full-year earnings guidance.

At present, the shares are down 3.8% to 22,725 yen, having fallen as much as 5.8% earlier in the day.

For the six-month period ending June 30, Shimano reported a net profit of Y50.38 billion ($357.5 million), a decrease from Y68.56 billion during the same period last year. Revenue for the first half also fell by 13% to Y263.25 billion.

The bicycle-parts business experienced a substantial decline in operating profit, dropping 40% to Y42.09 billion, with revenue within this segment also falling by 18% to Y204.99 billion. Shimano cited slow sales in Europe due to unfavorable weather conditions, as well as weak sales in North America and Japan. Additionally, the market continues to face high inventory levels.

On the other hand, the fishing-equipment business saw a 4.5% increase in operating profit, reaching Y11.84 billion, while revenue climbed by 7.0% to Y58.03 billion.

Due to the delayed recovery in demand and challenges in absorbing higher manufacturing costs, Shimano has adjusted its guidance for 2023. The company now predicts a 28% revenue reduction to Y450.00 billion, down from the previous estimate of Y460.00 billion. Furthermore, net profit is expected to drop by 46% to Y69.00 billion, lower than the previous estimate of Y69.50 billion.

In light of these developments, Shimano faces significant challenges ahead as it navigates the current market conditions.

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