Promising Results in Moderna’s Personalized Cancer Treatment

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Moderna recently shared updated data from an ongoing early-stage trial of its personalized cancer treatment developed in collaboration with Merck. These new findings further strengthen the evidence that the drug is effective.

Building upon the initial results announced by Merck and Moderna last December, which were presented at a scientific conference in April, the companies disclosed that patients with advanced melanoma who received Moderna’s treatment alongside Merck’s Keytruda immunotherapy drug had a reduced risk of disease recurrence or death after two years compared to those who only received Keytruda.

With the latest announcement, Moderna reports that the combination of their treatment and Keytruda demonstrates continued improvements in survival rates after three years, reaffirming its potential as a beneficial regimen compared to Keytruda alone.

Investors have shown great enthusiasm for Moderna’s cancer treatment, mRNA-4157, driving a 19.6% surge in the company’s shares upon the original release of the results last December. Today, in premarket trading, the stock rose by an additional 12%.

Designed to cater to each individual recipient’s unique genetic tumor makeup, mRNA-4157 shares the same underlying framework as Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine. The treatment harnesses the power of mRNA-4157 to guide the recipient’s own T-cells in attacking cancerous tumors, while Keytruda works to enhance the patient’s immune system.

This revolutionary cancer treatment is a vital component of Moderna’s long-term strategy, as Covid-19 vaccine sales have receded considerably, causing a 56.6% decline in the company’s shares this year. The introduction of this cutting-edge therapy expands the horizons for Moderna’s messenger RNA-based technology, reaching far beyond respiratory virus vaccines that have been its primary focus.

The ongoing success and potential of Moderna’s personalized cancer treatment offer hope for improved patient outcomes and mark a significant step forward in the fight against cancer.

Moderna’s Cancer Shot Shows Promising Results, Increasing Likelihood of Conditional Approval

Moderna, a leading pharmaceutical company, has recently announced new data that demonstrates the effectiveness of its cancer shot. CEO Stéphane Bancel has expressed confidence in the positive results, stating that the statistical calculation, known as the p value, continues to improve. This indicates that the outcomes are not merely due to chance but are indeed significant.

In a clinical trial comparing mRNA-4157 in combination with Keytruda versus Keytruda alone, Moderna found that after three years, the combined treatment reduced the risk of recurrence or death by 49%. Furthermore, it reduced the risk of developing distant metastasis or death by an impressive 62% compared to Keytruda alone.

While Moderna did not disclose the number of patients involved in the trial, some analysts have previously criticized the study’s small sample size. Despite this, both Moderna and Merck have already begun Phase 3 trials of mRNA-4157 in combination with Keytruda. In addition to conducting clinical trials, Moderna is actively working on its new manufacturing plant in Marlborough, Mass., which will exclusively produce commercial doses of its cancer shot.

Based on the new data, Bancel believes that Moderna’s chances of obtaining conditional approval for mRNA-4157 before completing Phase 3 trials have significantly increased. This positive development is expected to reassure regulatory bodies and expedite the approval process.

Looking ahead, Bancel anticipates that the Phase 3 melanoma trial will be fully enrolled in the second half of next year. Moderna aims to potentially launch the drug as early as 2025, emphasizing an accelerated timeline for delivering this much-needed treatment to patients.

In conclusion, Moderna’s latest findings offer promising hope in the fight against cancer. With ongoing trials and preparations for its manufacturing plant underway, Moderna paves the way for a brighter future in cancer treatment.

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