Positive Results in Multiple Sclerosis Study

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Shares of Tiziana Life Sciences have seen a significant boost after the announcement of positive PET scan results in their study on a potential treatment for multiple sclerosis. The New York-based biotechnology company has observed reduced levels of activated microglia in patients treated with intranasal foralumab, a promising development in the field of neurological diseases.

Promising Progress in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Tiziana Life Sciences reported encouraging findings in their study conducted on patients with non-active secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis. The focus of the study was to assess the activated microglia levels in these patients after treatment with intranasal foralumab. Microglia, cells that play a crucial role in the development of certain neurological diseases, showed reduced levels after six months of treatment in five out of six patients.

Moving Forward to Phase 2 Testing

The positive PET scan results have provided substantial support for Tiziana Life Sciences to swiftly progress to Phase 2a testing of foralumab. The company’s Chief Executive, Gabriele Cerrone, expressed confidence in these results and emphasized the importance of advancing their research to further evaluate the potential of foralumab as a treatment option. Tiziana Life Sciences plans to initiate Phase 2 trial screening for non-active secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis in November.

Shares of Tiziana Life Sciences have already seen an 8.1% rise, currently trading at 80 cents. This year alone, the stock has witnessed a remarkable 33% increase, reflecting the promising developments in their multiple sclerosis study.

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