OKYO Pharma Enters New Agreement with Tufts Medical Center

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The latest development from OKYO Pharma has sent the company’s share prices soaring by 19% to $2.23. In an exciting move, they have entered into a new agreement with Tufts Medical Center.

Clinical Trial for Neuropathic Corneal Pain

The agreement outlines plans for a 40-patient open-label clinical trial that will focus on evaluating the efficacy and safety of OK-101 in patients suffering from neuropathic corneal pain. This trial aims to provide valuable insights into the potential benefits of OK-101 for patients in a real-world clinical setting.

Milestones and Timelines

OKYO Pharma intends to file an Investigational New Drug application for neuropathic corneal pain in the fourth quarter of 2023. Once the application is allowed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, study enrollment will promptly commence. The trial is expected to be completed within six to nine months.

Budgetary Impact

Despite the significance of this trial, it is expected to have a minor budgetary impact. The total cost, including drug manufacture and formulation expenses for investigational use, is projected to be less than $1 million.

This collaboration between OKYO Pharma and Tufts Medical Center represents a significant milestone in advancing research and innovation in the field of neuropathic corneal pain treatment.

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