Michigan vs. Everybody: From Scandal to Triumph

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Michigan athletics’ official retailer, The M Den, has recently redefined the meaning of their merchandise line, “Michigan vs. Everybody.” Originally launched in 2021, this slogan took on a whole new significance following the suspension of head coach Jim Harbaugh over allegations of sign-stealing. The phrase resonated with the passionate Michigan fanbase, igniting a sense of unity in the face of adversity.

Jared Wangler, a football team alumnus and co-founder of Valiant Management Group, spoke about the campaign’s resurgence, stating, “The players were kind of buying into it. That led to us kick-starting the campaign once again.” Wangler’s involvement highlights the mutual belief in overcoming challenges as a team.

Throughout the season, opposing fan bases and teams have labeled the Wolverines as cheaters, with an ongoing NCAA investigation into potential recruiting violations. However, the Michigan community now has reason to celebrate. Not only has their football team secured a College Football Playoff national championship berth, but they have also successfully transformed the scandal into a lucrative marketing opportunity.

The M Den’s collection, featuring T-shirts, sweatshirts, wristbands, and trading cards adorned with the iconic phrase “Michigan vs. Everybody,” has been a massive hit. In just two months, they have sold over 50,000 units, and currently, their T-shirts are sold-out in all sizes except triple-XL. The success of this campaign is not only benefiting The M Den but also contributing to the university’s financial gains by generating six figures in revenue so far. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds is being allocated to support all athletes at Michigan, amounting to a total of $350,000—a substantial increase compared to last year’s campaign revenue.

Through this extraordinary journey from scandal to triumph, Michigan has showcased their resilience and unity. The phrase “Michigan vs. Everybody” has become a symbol of defiance and determination for the entire community, resonating far beyond the football field.

A Rousing Call: Michigan vs. Everybody

Athletes, coaches, and alumni, including former Michigan quarterback Tom Brady, have proudly embraced the spirited battle cry of “Michigan vs. Everybody.” This powerful phrase has gained immense popularity, even catching the attention of the athletic department’s official Twitter account. According to Wangler, a member of the football team from 2014 to 2018, the credit for the remarkable success of this campaign goes to Jim Harbaugh and the senior players. It has transformed into a unifying force that the entire team wholeheartedly supports.

A Rising Tide: Expanding Beyond Michigan

Inspired by the fervor surrounding “Michigan vs. Everybody,” various retailers have created unique variations of the slogan. Fanatics, for example, offers a line of T-shirts featuring the mantra “Wolverines Against the World.” These shirts have become incredibly popular, with nearly every size selling out. BreakingT has also capitalized on the enthusiasm, offering shirts and sweatshirts displaying the slogan “Michigan vs. the World.” Additionally, they have developed a collection of T-shirts incorporating the word “Bet,” referring to a tweet by team members during Harbaugh’s suspension, where they showed their unwavering belief in their ability to triumph despite the challenges they faced. The differences in wording stem from trademark considerations: The M Den holds rights to “Michigan vs. Everybody,” while the phrase “Detroit vs. Everybody” belongs to another company.

According to Wangler, this expansion benefits everyone involved. Harbaugh, a proponent of players receiving revenue sharing, values this aspect greatly. The concept of revenue sharing has gained significant traction recently as discussions surrounding athlete compensation continue to gain momentum.

A Call for Fairness

During a press conference in Houston, Harbaugh drew attention to the imbalance of profit distribution in college football. He highlighted how administrators, coaches, and media rights-holders capitalize on the sport, while athletes are left without a share. Harbaugh passionately advocated for a change, stating that it is time to do the right thing.

Ironically, the alleged rules violations connected to Harbaugh have inadvertently played a role in improving the financial situation for both his players and all athletes at Michigan.

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