Google Introduces Gemini: A New AI Chatbot for Mobile Experience

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Google has made an exciting update to its artificial-intelligence chatbot. Say goodbye to Bard and welcome Gemini! This new name aligns with the Alphabet unit’s family of impressive large-language models. As part of this transition, the Bard name will gradually fade away, making room for Gemini. You can now find the service at, where it has taken up its new digital home.

Not only that, but Google is also launching mobile versions of the Gemini chatbot. Now, Android users can enjoy the new Gemini mobile app, while Apple iPhone users will find a similar experience within the Google app. This means that you can interact with Gemini through text, voice, or even by uploading images — whatever suits your preference.

Android users are in for a treat as Gemini effectively replaces Google Assistant on their devices. With just a simple press on the power button, a corner swipe, or even by saying “Hey Google,” you can access Gemini. It seamlessly appears as an overlay on top of any application you’re using at the moment. What’s more, this mobile app also includes convenient Google Voice features like setting timers, making calls, and controlling smart home devices.

For all you Apple device users out there, accessing Gemini is just a toggle away. Within the Google iOS app, you’ll find a switch that allows you to switch to Gemini. During a recent briefing with reporters, Google highlighted how this new app marks “an important first step towards building a true AI assistant.”

Exciting times lie ahead as Gemini takes center stage as Google’s advanced AI chatbot. Get ready for a seamless and intelligent conversational experience like never before.

Google Introduces New Mobile Experience

Google has recently launched an enhanced mobile experience that is now available in English for users in the U.S. This update will soon be extended to include access in English, Japanese, and Korean languages for users in Asia. Google plans to further expand language support and availability in different regions.

Gemini Advanced: The Premium Chatbot

Alongside the mobile experience update, Google is introducing an exclusive premium version of their chatbot called Gemini Advanced. This advanced version includes the highly impressive Ultra 1.0 edition of the Gemini large language model. With Gemini Advanced, users can leverage its capabilities to perform various tasks such as code writing, content creation, and image generation. This premium chatbot will be offered as part of a bundle with Google One subscription service.

Google One with Gemini Advanced

Try Gemini Advanced for Free

Google is offering a free two-month trial of Gemini Advanced, starting today. This trial period allows users to explore the enhanced capabilities of Gemini Advanced at no cost.

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