Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Extends Suspension of Gasoline and Diesel Taxes

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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) has announced the extension of the state’s suspension of taxes on gasoline and diesel until at least Nov. 29. This decision comes ahead of a special legislative session where state lawmakers will convene to discuss the redistricting of Georgia congressional and state legislative districts, following a federal judge ruling them as illegal.

Tax Suspension Leads to Lower Fuel Prices

Kemp initially suspended the 31.2cts/gal tax on gasoline and the 35cts/gal tax on diesel in September, and this move has had a significant impact on fuel prices in the state. Currently, Georgia is among the eight U.S. states experiencing average gasoline prices below $3/gal. As of Wednesday morning, the statewide average stood at $2.8909/gal, making it the second lowest average fuel price in the nation.

Positive Impact on Georgia Economy

The decision to suspend the taxes was a strategic one, considering that Georgia prices were higher than they were a year ago when the announcement was made in September. The current price for regular gasoline is now 23.65cts/gal lower compared to the figures recorded on this day in 2022.

This move by Gov. Kemp aims to alleviate the financial burden on consumers and businesses during these uncertain times, giving them more disposable income to support the local economy.

Looking Ahead

With the upcoming special legislative session, state legislators will focus on developing a comprehensive plan for redrawing Georgia’s congressional and state legislative districts to ensure compliance with legal requirements. This session will play a crucial role in shaping the future political landscape of the state.

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