Eagle Rare 25 Bourbon: A Rare and Pricey Gem

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A Unique Find

Unbelievable but true: this extraordinary bottle of bourbon will set you back a whopping ten thousand dollars. However, if you manage to stumble upon one at this price, it may just be a steal.

Why? Because it is an exceedingly rare bourbon, with only 200 bottles ever released. Produced by Buffalo Trace, the renowned Kentucky distillery responsible for the highly coveted Pappy Van Winkle brand, this bourbon carries an air of exclusivity.

The Fascinating Tale

This particular bourbon has an intriguing tale to tell. Aging Kentucky-made bourbon beyond a certain point is controversial due to the possibility of an unpleasant flavor profile caused by excessive time spent in the barrel. Experts vary in their opinions, with some expressing concern about anything over fifteen years, while others question going beyond a decade. Jane Bowie, former director of innovation for Maker’s Mark, once remarked, “After about eight years, bourbon gets too woody.” Some simply describe older bourbons as astringent and dry.

So how does Buffalo Trace manage to push the boundaries and age their bourbon for an astounding 25 years? The answer lies in Warehouse P, an innovative state-of-the-art facility that cost the distillery over $20 million to build.

Buffalo Trace constructed Warehouse P specifically to explore the possibility of extending the aging and maturation processes for American whiskey and bourbon. While they remain tight-lipped about the specifics happening within its walls, factors such as temperature and humidity take center stage in the aging process. (Scotch whisky can be aged longer due to Scotland’s significantly cooler climate compared to Kentucky.)

Eagle Rare 25 bourbon stands as a testament to Buffalo Trace’s commitment to pushing limits and crafting exceptional spirits. Its rarity, coupled with an enchanting backstory, make it a gem worth coveting.

The Price of Eagle Rare

When it comes to the pricing of Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace can only suggest a price and not set it officially. The suggested figure is $10,000, but it’s common knowledge that bottles of highly prized whiskies, like Pappy, often sell for much more. Over time, these whiskies tend to increase in value due to the growing collector market. As an example, a bottle of Pappy released in 2008 was sold at auction last year for an astonishing $52,000.

Our Perspective

Recently, I had the fortunate opportunity to try a small sip of this incredibly rare Eagle Rare at a press event held in New York City. Undoubtedly, it is a delightful and refined whiskey, with distinct hints of butterscotch and pepper. According to the Buffalo Trace team, vanilla and dark fruit flavors are also apparent in this exceptional spirit. Unlike many older bourbons that exhibit a noticeable woodiness, Eagle Rare stands apart by casting off that characteristic.

However, the question arises: is it truly worth $10,000 or perhaps even more? Clearly, if you possess the means to afford such a whiskey, the price tag is unlikely to be a concern. Nevertheless, for the majority of us, sticking to the entry-level Eagle Rare is perfectly reasonable. This 10-year-old bourbon is both delectable and affordable, with prices often below $75.

How to Savor the Experience

Now, let’s address an important aspect: you wouldn’t typically mix a $10,000 bourbon into an Old Fashioned or Mint Julep. Nonetheless, we discovered that adding a drop or two of water to Eagle Rare can enhance its flavor profile.

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