Apology from HBO CEO for Social Media Incident

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Retrospection and a Shift towards Healthier Communication

Casey Bloys, the CEO of HBO, has expressed his regret for employing anonymous social media profiles to respond to negative feedback regarding the network’s shows.

Bloys addressed this issue during a presentation of HBO’s 2024 content calendar, in response to a report by Rolling Stone which exposed his past behavior on Twitter.

“As someone deeply invested in our programming and the talented individuals behind it, I strive for excellence in our shows,” explained Bloys, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter. “However, during the unprecedented circumstances of 2020 and 2021, while working remotely, I found myself spending an excessive amount of time scrolling through Twitter. It was during this period that I had a foolish idea to vent my frustration.”

Furthermore, he admitted, “To be honest, six tweets over a year and a half hardly made an impact. Nevertheless, I want to extend my sincere apologies to those who were mentioned in the leaked emails and texts.”

Bloys went on to acknowledge, “It is evident that nobody wishes to be wrongly linked to a story. Over the course of time, I have learned and grown, adopting the use of direct messages (DMs) to address these matters.”

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“Nowadays, when I encounter issues within reviews or notice something that requires attention, many of you have graciously engaged in constructive conversations with me, which I believe is a far healthier approach,” Bloys emphasized.

He concluded, “I invite you to ask any questions or discuss further during the Q&A session. This topic will be addressed there, as well.”

The statements from HBO’s CEO came after Rolling Stone published an extensive report on a lawsuit filed against Bloys and HBO by former employee Sully Temori, who alleges wrongful termination.

Alleged Texts Reveal Controversy at HBO

New Revelations in HBO Social Media Controversy

According to recent reports, a series of alleged text messages between HBO executive Casey Bloys and senior vice president Kathleen McCaffrey have shed light on an interesting social media strategy employed by the network. Bloys and McCaffrey allegedly discussed using fake Twitter accounts to respond to critics of HBO shows such as “Perry Mason” and “Mare of Easttown.”

Texts Purportedly Verified

The alleged texts, provided by an individual named Temori, have reportedly been reviewed and verified through metadata. Temori claims to have been instructed to create a fake account, under the name Kelly Shepard, and assume the role of a vegan mom from Texas. This account was then used to engage with critics on social media platforms.

HBO’s Response

While HBO has not directly denied the existence of this social media controversy, the network has stated that it plans to defend itself against the allegations made by Temori in his lawsuit. A spokesperson for HBO expressed their intention to vigorously contest these claims, stating that they will not comment on specific interactions between programmers and any wayward tweets.

Looking Ahead

As the legal battle unfolds, both parties are no doubt preparing for what promises to be a full and fair resolution. In the meantime, HBO extends well wishes to Mr. Temori in his future endeavors.

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